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Hello everyone and welcome to our All Things Apple Giveaway! We have teamed up with iCrackUriDevice from BestTechInfo to bring you the craziest giveaway yet. We took a recent poll on Facebook to see what you guys wanted and it is highly evident that an iPhone 4S was of the most desired. However, that is not all we will be giving away today. In thanks for the all viewership and loyalty, we have assembled a larger amount of prizes, and will be giving away a whole line of iDevices. This includes the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and an unlocked iPhone 4S, all the newest version. Yes thats right, we are giving over $1000 of prizes all at once.


Step 1

To be qualified to win you must follow, like and subscribe to both of us. This is necessary and if you do not have a Facebook/Twitter account you can quickly make one. To make it easy all the buttons are below. Click them all and you should be good.



Step 2

Enter your Youtube username, Facebook username, and Twitter username into the form and hit submit to be eligible.

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Step 3

Now on to the most important part, entries. You can enter by liking, favoriting, and commenting on every new video we make including our giveaway videos. This applies for both our channels: iPodUplink and iCrackuridevice. It is important that the comment contains the string of  words “All Things Apple Giveaway”. Each time you do the following you will get one entry.


Example comment

“Sweet video, All Things Apple Giveaway”


You can do this for every new video to rack up a good chance at winning.

The giveaway will end in around one month so good luck!


Here is iCrackUriDevice’s video you can enter on his video as well!

Also, Thanks everyone for entering in our Apple TV giveaway, the winner was picked.

  • Clouddl

    I want to win:(

    All things apple giveaway

  • zeshanKhan

    All Things Apple Giveaway

  • PabloIvan1914

    All Things Apple Giveaway. Well , thanks for the cool giveaway but even if there not a chance for a geek like me I still like seeing your channels. Stay Cool, Geek Nation. Apple Nation.

  • BrianLowry
  • bikerlicious

    All Things Apple Giveaway!

  • EdwardDraper

    I hope I can get the Iphone 4S, I like the speed of the new device but do not have one.