3 years, 10 months ago

Kogadget is a company that is selling a mod for your iPhone 4S/4 that lets you make your Apple logo glow, just like on the MacBook Pro/Air. The mod costs about $80 and you can purchase the kit at store.kogadget.com. The video below showing off the mod is by Dylan at L3GITJAILBR3AKS and for him, the installation process took a little bit over an hour. When you purchase the mod kit, it comes with a new back panel for your iPhone 4S/4 where you can then install the glowing light behind. The Apple logo mod demoed in the video is the Steve Jobs addition, where there’s a cut out for Steve Jobs’ head in the logo. The light is lit only when your iPhone 4S/4 is on, just like on the MacBook. Once you lock the device, the logo will glow for about 15 more seconds but does turn off after that. You can find more info on the mod at Kogadget.