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Google-owned phone company Motorola is reportedly working on a new handset aimed to compete directly with Apple. Called the “X Phone” unofficially, there is little know so far about this new deivce.

Google acquired the prominent phone company seven months ago, in a $12.5 billion purchase. This merger gave Google quite a load of patents in the mobile scene, and has allowed them to begin bigger projects in an attempt to get on top of the smartphone market. In addition to Motorola’s own patents, the company’s recent purchase of Viewdle means that this new phone could be loaded with lots of gesture based technology, since Viewdle specialized in such efforts.

This news comes just after it was announced that Apple currently resides on 53% of the market share for smartphones in the US. Google obviously wants to dominate the space, so this X Phone announcement could be a subtle leak from Google in order to let the public know of things to come.

Additionally, Reuters suggests that an “X” tablet could be on the way as well:

Motorola is also expected to work on an “X” tablet after the phone. Google Chief Executive Larry Page is said to have promised a significantmarketing budget for the unit, the newspaper said quoting the persons.


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