2 years, 3 months ago

Using Google Glass has really helped me figure out what are the buying aspects for me. It has showed me that the photo/video capabilities portray this without a doubt. How do the photos/videos last in different atmospheres? In Day 2 Google Glass started to give me a bit more hope with its functionalities. I took it to Muir Woods National Park in California. It was the best way to show the the beauty at a first person point-of-view. Photos appear to look fantastic, and the light in my area was stellar. Using the Glass to show the height of the trees is quite cool, and the light rings look great. The chlorophyll in the leaves is present in each photo, as well as video. The videos look great as well, and the HD capabilities are prominent. Overall, I’m impressed with Glass in a well-lit scenarios.

What do you think of Google Glass in the wild? Do you think the first person point-of-view looks great in a wild? Let me know in the comments below.

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