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Google Glass has been an interesting ride so far. Pricing for the Google Glass Explorer Edition starts at $1,500 with a hefty 8.75% tax tacked on is by far from easy to afford. These glasses can do six functions out of the box with XE7. These features include making phone calls, sending text messages, live video hangouts with Google+, taking photos, recording videos, and GPS navigation. These features work via voice recognition, which works quite well. Today, Phone Arena is reporting that the consumer edition of Google Glass will cost around $300. This includes the part prices, and the profit Google would be making. For consumers, this is perfect as it is just more than a few smart watches, but less that a smartphone. Glass tethers to your via Bluetooth and it is pre-dominantly tailored to Android users, but it works with iOS. Overall, we’ll know later this year or early 2014 when/how much Google Glass will cost.

What do you think of Google Glass costing $300? Is this perfect for you? Or do you think this is too expensive for being an accessory to your phone? Let me know in the comments below!

  • buckbstallion

    0.00 – 99.99 no thought will buy 100.00 -149.99 seriously consider 150 – 199.99 Tempting, would test them see what they are about 200.00 and above tell me they are made of 24k gold and are limited.

    • Nick

      I will. 300 isn’t that much. If you have an iPhone or smartphone, you’re just paying for an upgrade.

  • Mac Daddy

    Get your paper up.

  • Robert Farias

    What is I already have glasses? What will I do if I buy it?

  • Jack H.

    Do we have the difference between the explorer and consumer versions? What are they cutting out that is making it so much cheaper?

    • Andrew Caceres

      Google Glass explorer is for third-party developers, so I’m sure it gives them access to codes that allow them to create software/apps for Google Glass

  • Mike Galvez

    what if im wearing a glasses & decided to buy the google glasses.. what would happen? would it be weird if i wear my glasses plus the google

  • Master

    Uh yes it’s too pricey considering it’s almost as much as a phone! Shoot, you can buy a nice used laptop for that price. Pricks! I don’t care what kind of new technology it is or how awesome. Prices should be dictated by labor/productions costs, while also costs of studies and development…not greed!

  • Brandon Haywood

    Pretty technology and at a consumer price…hopefully people can find a use for it.