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Google made yet another appearance on the App Store with their new application Youtube Capture. The concept of the application is similar to Facebook camera as it is a stand alone application to serve one purpose on its social network. The application has a minimal interface that allows users to shoot clips and immediately share them on Youtube’s vast video hosting service. There’s nothing really to complain about especially as the app is free of charge.

After opening the app it will prompt you to choose if you want them to enhance stabilization and brightness. While I have yet to experiment with the options on the app it self, if it is anything like the options on the desktop version I would recommend you make sure they are turned off. With that said if you think this tool will be of use to you go ahead and download it using this link here or by searching “Youtube Capture”. Google claims they have an Android version in production and will be realeasing it soon.

and did I forget to mention that the application will prompt you to turn your phone sideways?

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