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iOS 5.1 patched all the previous exploits that make the older 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak possible. In search of a new point of attack Pod2G updated his blog informing people on how to help the development of a new 5.1 untethered jailbreak. While you might be interested in helping, make sure you follow all the requirements and not waste his valued time. If you are unsure of what something means then it is most likely better that you leave it to the people that do. Information can be found on his blog post in full detail here.

To jailbreak a device, hackers need a set of exploitable vulnerabilities :

You can help if you can crash either a core application (Safari, Mail, etc…) or the kernel in a repeatable way. A kernel crash is easy to recognize : it reboots the device.
How and where to report :
  • Send an email to ios.pod2g ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com detailing the steps to produce the crash and the associated crash report.
  • Don’t before you read the full post here.
Pod2g has also stated that he is not interested in the crashes of any third party apps (e.g. Angry Birds). Keep an eye out for any crashes, and be sure to email pod2g if you find something.

  • http://jailpod.elementfx.com Jailpod

    Mobilesafari crashes for me but i think that might just be ram

    Does it still count??

    • EdwardDraper

      @Jailpod If it is just a ram issue it does not apply

  • pengie151

    is it safe to update a jailbroken ipod to ios 5.1 with out restore?

    • EdwardDraper

       @pengie151 no,not yet

    • EdwardDraper1

      @pengie151 It is now, prepare to have a unjailbroken phone for 1 week to 2weeks.

  • labelluna

    Where is the blog? The link sends me to a 404.

  • JakubBelsi

    i used snowbreze 2.9.2 on my 3gs, 6.15.00, 5.1 … and every thing working like Untethered

    • JakubBelsi

      but i can unlock it now !!! thats the problem for me

    • JakubBelsi

      but i can’t unlock it now thats where i’m struggling

  • marystac1
  • drgbasket

    this is all you need -> http://www.agoodlove.com/

  • EdwardDraper1

    Guys look at this.
    Eta for untethered jailbreak for a4 and a5 devices running ios5.1