3 years, 7 months ago

So, my most commonly asked question, since I started writing and creating content for JailbreakNation is – ‘HOW DO YOU DO THAT TO YOUR SPRINGBOARD?!’

So today, I thought I’d finally put you all out of your misery and answer that question. I warn you, the solution is a lot simpler than some of you tried to guess. Enjoy!

  • erick837

    how come when you click respring it does it soo quickly as if you just locked the iphone

  • expressreader

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  • Billanboy

    how can you respring so fast?!

  • AaronSkone

    Are you guys really that stupid? He cut the video when he resprung. 
    Also: How do you get your icons spread out like that? When I shrink my icons they all get clustered in the middle.

  • turusovalex

    Where did you get that bumper and back protector from on your iPhone? Looks very nice!