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iReb r5 by iH8sn0w was released yesterday, one of the main uses for the program is to fix iTunes errors while restoring or that occur while doing various other tasks. Unfortunately iReb only works on Windows so you will have to find your way to a PC if you want to fix your error using this method.

1. Download iReb

2. Open and select your device

3. Go into dfu mode. (help)

4. Restore using iTunes.

Here is the change log for r5

  • Much smaller file size (390kb).
  • Fixed USB 3.0 issues.
  • iREB’s speed for the iPhone 2G/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 1G has increased significantly!
  • Fixed rare DFU detection issues.
  • Updated limera1n/steaks4uce payload to not hook “cmd_go” on 4.x images (nothing severe, but useless here).

  • WillMcdonald

    thank yu very much i love you 

  • FatihTurhan

    hi  all, can anybody help me , i was try this path but i still give error 1601 thanks a lot 

  • AhmadAbdulwahed

    Ok guys I think I have figured out an extremely easy way to downgrade to 5.1.1 on iphone 4 and 3gs without getting “No Service” msg on the top bar if you have experienced this, also no errors from itunes or going anywhere near itunes for a downgrade, i know heaps of people who have had this problem, feel free to post this on all sites where people are having issues downgrading through itunes or getting no service message
    1. download latest red snow
    2. download latest snow breeze
    3.download 5.1.1 firmware
    4.open snowbreeze and click on “Baseband preservation mode” so u dont jailbreak your phone, you just want to restore to original firmware for now, a msg will pop up press yes to proceed
    5. continue to build custom firmware
    6. once its done open redsnow, but make sure you know where your firmware was saved, it usually starts with snowbreeze……..etc mine was usually on the desktop
    7. once youve opened redsnow go to extras
    8.then click on “Even more” button, make sure your dont upgrade your baseband, preserve it or u’ll screw up ur phone!!!!
    9. click on restore and follow the prompts
    10. once u follow the prompts it will begin to restore your iphone to 5.1.1, once its finished you’ll be back to stock firmware, set it up as usual it will have “No Service” initially but once you get to the wifi section of set up click connect through itunes and continue set up or you can proceed with wifi if you want, your service will come up before youve completed setting up your phone
    11. Congrats on downgrading your phone with no errors through itunes which is a pain in the ass and getting rid of that shitty ios 6 operating system
    If you have any worries or questions let me know,…….btw do not upgrade your baseband through redsnow
    Then you can jailbreak normally through absinthe…Enjoy:)
    Feel free to email me if you have any problems

  • JibJibJibJibJib

    awesome, but i tried restoring twice and still get errors 1601 or 1602. This whole restoring thing is extremely complicated. Curse you apple.

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  • mayjohnson

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