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Are you one of those iDevice users that has been dying to get Siri, but don’t have a 4S? Well wait no longer! Here is my step by step guide with a video on how to install Siri on your iDevice!


Here is how to install siri on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.
The source you need to add to cydia is: repo.siriport.ru
The website you need to get the certificate: siriport.ru/1.crt (If the site won’t load on your device, open it on your computer, download the certificate, email it to yourself, and open it on your device from your email.

Step 1: Add the Source to Cydia

Step 2: Install “Siriport”

Step 3: Reboot

Step 4: Install the Certificate from the website.

Step 5: Reboot

Step 6: Activate Siri and say “Hi Siri” Siri won’t work, wait 1-4 minutes and try again. (Say “Hi Siri” again)

Step 7: Repeat step 6 until Siri is activated

  • tromero73

    Please help… I went through the whole process, installed siri port and downloaded the certificate, got siri working on my iphone 4 running 5.1.1 and everything was working fine until… i downloaded winterboard and downloaded the “cups” theme for my springboard. For 1, my mail app stopped working and the only way i could get it back was to delete my exchange account and add it again, but every time i re-boot or re-spring my device, the problem comes back. not too big of a deal since i don’t do this too often. But in the midst of that, my siri stopped working. I still had the siri port in my settings as well as the other tweaks i got (hands free, assitantextensions…) If i re-download the certificate, will this work? will it just be like starting back at step 4 or will i have to remove everything and start from scratch? Thanks!

  • http://marceljj.tk marceljj

    HALP! I installed SiriPort on my iPad 2 w/ iOS 5.1.1. It kinda worked – My iPad lagged on the home screen often and some Apple apps crashed! What could be conflicting with this?

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