2 years, 6 months ago

Recently, hackers released modified carrier packages that will allow users to take full advantage of their AT&T or T-Mobile connections. This hack has no downside and can be done quickly with no jailbreak needed.


  • iPhone 5 Only
  • Att Data Plan or T-Mobile Data Plan
  • Mac or PC


  1. Backup your phone just in case.
  2. On your iPhone Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Connections
  3. Follow the next steps bassed on your OS


  1. Turn on your computer, quit iTunes, and Open Terminal
  2. Type “defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool true” and hit enter
  3. Open iTunes, click on your phone then hold down the ALT key while clicking update.



  1. Turn on your computer, quit iTunes, and Open Command Prompt
  2. TypeIf 64 bit: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1If 32 bit: cd C:\Program Files\iTunes then type: iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
  3. Open iTunes, click on your phone then hold down the SHIFT key while clicking update.

Continue On Both

  1. Download this ATT File, Verizon File or T-Mobile File and select in in the box that pops up
  2.  Restart your phone and experience faster downloads!

  • harry

    I did exact same thing on my mac. Everything went well but i did not see any changes yet:)

  • clainhart

    what is the exact file name to type in for windows? I’ve tried what’s listed in the steps above and different variations (spaces vs no spaces) and keep getting a “system cannot find path specified” message

  • Elma Alston

    6.1.3/6.1.4 Untethered Jailbreak is available for all iDevices.

    See the release at WWW.evasi0njb.NET

    • Barron Brown

      it didnt work, i need help

  • Raul Martinez

    This didn’t work on my iphone 5 ios 6.1.4 it slowed it down my more than half

  • Un-Happy

    i’ve also tried this “Carrier hack!” & i’m not even getting my 3g now!

  • Ghost

    I don’t know about you guys, this tool made my phones data much faster and I only have one bar of 4G! I’m on T-Mobile and this helped a lot, thanks!
    Now, to try it on my friends AT&T iPhone 5!

    • Jon Mosby

      Did it work on your friends at&t phone

  • Evan

    I’m having mixed results on my iphone 5 AT&T in WA, sometimes it boosts it 1-2mbs on 4G but other times it’s worse. I’ll have to try it out on LTE

  • Josh Ellis

    This actually made my speeds lower on speedtest. Thanks!

  • shashinka

    Before i did this test I was getting 30-60 down and about 17 up. No change AFAIK, centrall mass can see my tower LTE full signal

  • soto

    mine was running at over 15mps, now max is 3mps.

  • dan

    itunes says “iThe iphone could not be updated because firmware file is not compatible. i had to change the ipcc file to ipsw because itunes would not recognize ipcc. i have a verizon iphone 5 on t mobile service

  • William Alicea

    is there a way that you could make that hack to work with iOS 7?

  • Kyoungil

    Can you create one for Wind Mobile Canada? Speed is terrible!