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While the jailbreak scene has appeared to die down a new trick was developed to install a Gameboy Advance emulator on any device jailbroken or not. This feature is great for anyone who either upgraded and can no longer use Evasi0n or just a big fan of the Gameboy. The trick utilizes a OTA update on the phone and installs the emulator onto the home screen. Roms can then be downloaded through mobile Safari.


1. Go here on your iDevice [bit.ly/gbanojailbreak]

2.  Click the install app button and proceed through the steps.Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 7.46.28 PM3. Once loaded onto your homescreen (may take a while) open up the app.

4. Click the spotlight button on the top right, the app will open up Safari and direct you to a Google search.

5. Download the rom you want (try coolrom.com) and open it with the app.

6. Play Gameboy On The iPhone!

Video Tutorial

  • Liam

    Its keeps saying “Unknown error had occurred”

  • medi

    Works fine for me thanks

  • Adam Lincoln

    Will it work on iPod 5G 6.1.3? I tried and it said “Unknown error had occured” Any help?

  • Ronie Nuno Aguiar

    just another heads up if you are on ios 7 he did say it doesnt work. cheers

  • shazel

    Will this create a problem or jailbreak my device?

  • Oğuz Can Erbay

    well, is there a way to make an alakazam or gengar? I mean, trading the pokemons OR something similar to Game Shark? Can you help me please, thanks.

    Note. My Iphone has iOS 6.1.4 .. Some tactic to downgrade it back to 6.1.3 would be useful as well.. I have tried upgrading to iOS 7 then going back to 6.1.3 but it failed..

  • FindingNeo

    Does this work with the new release of OS7?

  • nightdriver09

    It works perfectly! the only reason why I want to jb my iphone is so that I can play pokemon on it, but now there’s no need to jb, thanks a lot! (iP4 iOS6.1.3)