3 years, 5 months ago

After the announcement of iOS 6 many people were curious how we got it so fast. While the public release is not out until later this year, Apple gives early access to developers. The easiest way to get iOS 6 is to become a developer at Apple’s Dev Center, however that will cost you $99 a year. Alternatively you can pay a developer to activate your UDID, allowing your device to work with iOS 6. Follow the steps below to install iOS 6.

1. Activate your UDID

  • If you are a developer add your UDID in the dev center or open Xcode plug in your device and click  “Use Device For Development”.
  • If you are not a developer  go to a site like (iOS6UDID) and purchase a slot.

2. Download iOS 6

  • If you are a developer download the firmware from the developer center or from the people that activated your UDID.
  • If you bought a UDID slot wait for the conformation and download links.

3. Update iTunes to the newest version and plug in your device

4. Hold alt if you have a Mac or shift if you have a PC then click restore and select the firmware that you downloaded.

5. Your device will reboot running ios 6.


  • MattCariglio

    Purchased a slot, received my link, successfully installed iOS 6. When newer beta releases come out will I be notified and be given the option to update?

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    Very insightful post! I love Apple so much. And I really think that Apple is much better than Google. Well, that’s in my opinion as an apple user.