2 years, 4 months ago

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Plants vs. Zombies has been a popular game amongst all iOS devices. It features a myriad of plants try to fight zombies from attacking ‘The House’. Many users enjoy this game amongst all ages at is requires strategy, and quick-reaction skills. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is now out in Australia and New Zealand, but won’t be available to other countries till July 18th, 2013. This video shows you how to download it successful, and start protecting ‘The House’. The process is quite simple, but will not work on iOS 7. iOS 7 prohibits the access of applications downloaded from other countries. On iOS 6, this game works well! many new features are embedded within the new app, and we’ll cover that in our full review! Overall, this process is quite easy, and will get you planting faster!

What do you think of the new app, Plants vs. Zombies 2? Let me know with your thoughts below!

Access the Apple Support Thread here!

  • Donald

    Doesn’t work past billing info screen

    • Best Diana NA

      He said to go to the app store and click on a free app

      • Donald

        I followed all the instructions and still get the same error message “for assistance contact itunes support”

    • Sean Battle

      Make sure you click “None” under billing. after you click on an app that is free (Other than PVZ2).

  • Luiz Garcia

    It´s works for me x)

  • Tom

    Its also good to actually note that in the payment section to change your billing address to “Australia” as for it defaulted to United States for me the first time and didn’t work.

  • Angel

    How did the state changed? I can’t do that, it automatically says United States… Any help?

    • Angel

      Thats ok, I found it xD

      • Bruno Foggia

        You forgot to tell us what u did.
        I am having the same problem.

  • Andrei

    Why not just download it using vshare?

  • Beck

    just go in Settings>iTunes& App Stores and change the country:) in 1 min i donwloaded plants vs zombie 2 and i`m from belgium

    • taha amer

      you just made my day :) i have many apps that is not in my country store :P

  • Isagani Gubac

    Aw, it requires a front facing camera. :( I’m using iPhone 3GS.

    • Pilot

      still cannot play in your phone ?

  • jay jay

    just downloaded it . . . . . . . . . . many many thanks