4 years, 10 months ago

Instructions On Installing the beta!

1. Open Cydia – Search “backboard” – Install

2. Open Safari – Go To Url Bar – Enter “backboard://http://bit.ly/os7link” – Then hit Go/Enter

3. Backboard app should open (If not try again, sometimes it crashes)

4. Prompt should appear hit Download – Then wait a few mins (it will be unresponsive not broken)

5. Hit + name your current theme the hit save.

6. Tap the the os7 icon and hit install! – Respring and you are done!

  • dillon

    good but that pop up is soooo annoyin

  • Joshua

    For somereson my camra won’t work

  • stevan

    how do you delete it ?

  • brayden

    thanks it worked

  • rocky

    de donde puedo descargar el backboard, no me quiere instalar el de la repo de mymodyi

  • http://www.buckbux.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1358 Jaimie Hickok

    Ive been looking into this for a while and your post has really helped me. Keep up the good work.