2 years, 10 months ago

If you are one of the few that bought a Microsoft Surface RT then we have good news for you. Not only can it be jailbroken, but the process is extremely easy and can be done on the device itself. Follow the steps below and you will have your device jailbroken and running unsigned apps in no time.


1. Download this file onto your microsoft surface RT Jailbreak Tool v 1.0.3, open, and then extract it to your computer using the button on the top of the file explorer.

2. Once extracted right click the icon and run runExploit.bat using the option an Administrator.

3. When prompted to continue do so by typing either ‘y’ or ‘r’ depending on the question.

4. The command prompt may require you to log in using a Microsoft account, all you have to do is log in and it should continue. [If not try making a new account]

5. When prompted to click the down volume button and the prompt will end leaving your device jailbroken.

More Info 

If you have any problems check of Jeff’s video demonstration.

Jailbreaking will allow you to run unsigned applications like PuTTYTightVNC, and 7Zip. When you open them you may need to click ‘more info’ and then run anyways. We hope this guide helped, and happy jailbreaking!

  • Dare Balogun

    so what exactly can you with it once its been jailbroken

    • http://twitter.com/Miguel0rtiz Miguel Ortiz

      Download and run Non Windows apps I heard

      • Anthony

        Yeah, Windows RT only lets you download and run apps on the Windows Store, where as with the jailbreak you can download things like Stream or uTorrent or iTunes etc

        • Trent

          no, the RT version only lets you run apps complied for ARM. you cannot run desktop apps no matter if you jailbreak.

          • Will

            sadly, Trent is right

          • brett

            but there is a x86 emulator for jailbroken rt devices that lets you run some x86 program apps (:

          • Bernice Goh

            after it is jailbroken, is firefox or chrome able to be downloaded and run on windows surface rt?

          • samb

            no, you can. you just need to compile the programs for ARM after your device has been jailbroken. there are already pre-compiled programs such as PuTTY and GIMP and many others.

  • Hi

    Now the only thing left is ios 6.1

  • iPrimal

    Well at least it sucks less now.

  • Daniel Ramalho

    my surface restarts so that requests to lower the volume when I decrease the volume the surface restarts.
    please help me, thank you.

    • Daniel Ramalho


  • dodgy_coder

    Surface RT sales would probably improve if they figured a way to get a Linux distro on there. The hardware is great, but the software is just too bloated.

  • ahmed

    I found a massege that tell me the operation will expairy after month

    So what will happen to my Surface after that ?????????????

  • ray

    Will that work with windows rt 8.1