3 years, 3 months ago

We are always on the lookout for cool video and post ideas and when we see something we share it with our viewers.  While browsing Reddit we came across a photo showing off a cool DYI iPhone macro lens guide and decided it would be a great to share with you guys. In our guide we will show you how to take amazing close up photos using a small lens found in any laser pointer and of course, your iPhone.

Photo Of A Lemon Taken Using This Technique


– iPhone

– Laser Pointer (If you don’t have one you can get one on Amazon for [$1.59 Hard To Open] Or a smaller detachable one in stores.

– Clay, similar substance, or a clip and rubber band to position the lens


Laser Pointer Disassembled


1. Disassemble the laser pointer and take out the lens. If your laser pointer is metal you may need to rip it appart with pliers.

2. Wrap a small strand of clay around the edge of the lens.

3. Place the lens on top of the back camera of the iPhone.

4. Open the camera and take some photos!

We hope you enjoy! If you end up doing this upload your images to Imgur and post the link down in the comments. Check Out Our Photos.