This guide will show you how to unlock your iPhone 4S without jailbreaking it by exploiting Apple’s Activation procedure bug. Enjoy!

Step 1: Insert your carriers original SIM Card (Note: At this point only the AT&T Method is confirmed working)

Step 2: Dial 611 (Customer service hotline) then drop the call after a few seconds.

Step 3: Turn on airplane mode. While airplane mode is on, take out your SIM Card.

Step 4: Insert your T-mobile SIM card and make sure that you are still in airplane mode.

Step 5: Once your T-mobile SIM card is in, turn off airplane mode. The apple logo will then appear on your phone.

Step 6: The edge network will automatically turn on. Once you see the E in the top corner, wait about 30 seconds and turn your phone off.

Step 7: Turn your iPhone back on. You will see the activation screen. Once you see your cellular data bar appear in the top corner, select “Use cellular connection”

Step 8: Eject your SIM card. You should see the activation screen again. Once you do, pop your SIM back in and you should be unlocked!



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  • DionTerry

    Does this work on iPhone 4

    • MaximSilvaDucatel

      @DionTerry I really wanna know as well!

  • PeachyLisaPadley

    w u mean gsm does this wrk on 02??

  • JackPilgrim

    Knowing if it worked on the 4 would help. All things Apple Giveaway

  • ChepeF96

    does this work internationally or is it only for t-mobile? Please Respond

  • SebastianT.Garcia

    does it work on iphone 4?

  • Phatisfy

    Does the AT&T sim must be an active sim,or as long as it’s an AT&T sim?

  • DeepakRao

    even i wanna know, do it work with iphone 4 internationally.. i mean even in india

  • Iyad_13

    Can this method works to make the sim cards in Egypt works ?

    Please reply ;) Thanks…

  • civicfeen98ek

    That crazy yo..but the main asked question does it work on the iPhone 4…please respond ASAP to all of us thanx

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    • JustinKim

      @civicfeen98ek why don’t you just try it?

      • civicfeen98ek

        @JustinKim I’m scared that I’ll lose everything on my phone..cause it’s only tethered jailbroken and I’m still waiting on the untethered one

  • VercingetorixReyes

    the AT&T sim card has to be active????

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  • nunley15

    that’s pretty cool

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  • biratzkala

    Thats good but only works in t mobile sim.
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  • Fdb2006

    Is it a permanent unlock? It sounds to good to be true!

  • Clouddl


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