3 years, 2 months ago

We still have several more hours to go before the iPhone is officially released in the US, but iFixit managed to get their hands on the device from Australia, where the iPhone 5 has been out for almost a day. Already, they have subjected it to a teardown to show us all the juicy details about what’s inside.

For those of you that opened up your older iPhone’s iFixit reports that the same pentalobular screwdrivers will work for the iPhone 5. Another new feature is that the device now opens from the front, meaning that you will no longer have to dig through the phone’s insides to replace a cracked screen.

Apple has also upgraded the battery on the iPhone 5, 3.7V – 5.3Wh – 1432mAh on the 4S, to a 3.8V – 5.45Wh – 1434mAh battery on the 5. This supports the same amount of talk time, so this battery goes to work helping support all the new processing power.

The new A6 processor is in this iPhone 5 as well, part of the logic board. This chip is entirely new, of Apple’s own design. Looks great in pictures too. On top of everything else, the iPhone 5 also sports the new Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE modem to give support for LTE on the new device.

This was just the highlights of the teardown, you can read the full teardown on iFixit’s site, and stay tuned for out extensive coverage of the device.

  • jailbreak600

    I Jailbroken my iphone 5 with this tool: http://goo.gl/hZkJD  :)

    • MihailoNikolic

       @jailbreak600 I can’t download the tool. It takes me to a page where it asks me to complete an offer in order to download the file. 

      • OuttaControl

        It’s a scam.  There is no JB for the iphone 5.  Won’t be for a long time too.

  • JBpro4u

    Good to see that new iPhone 5 will be open from front.. This will make easier many things to replace or repair inside iPhone..