Throughout much of today, we received reports of outages in Apple’s iMessage service, despite the status page stating no issues. Now, Apple has successfully begun restoring service to the users affected, so if some of your texts weren’t going through earlier today, you may want to check now.

This marks the latest in several recent outages for Apple’s iMessage system, and many users are becoming fed up. Because of the ridiculous fees that many carriers charge for texting, people have used iMessage as a replacement for the overpriced service. However, when it goes out, users will be paying $0.10-$0.25 per text sent or received. Normally this wouldn’t be that much, but with the rash of recent outages, these charges can add up, especially since iOS will send a message over text automatically if iMessage fails.

Bottom line, Apple needs to get their act together on these outages, because they are a large inconvenience to their loyal customers.

  • Sean O’Hoolehan

    all of Michigan has been down for almost the entire day… Regular texts have not been working either… may be an AT&T issue there but its rediculous!

  • King Benjamin

    Behavior between all 3 of my devices has been strange. Messages out of order, pictures not showing.