3 years ago

A few days ago, Instagram, the popular social photo network announced that they will be bringing user profiles to the web. Their web profile idea was Facebook inspired and a much needed feature that they lacked. Web profiles give people browsing the web the ability to glance over a users pictures and follow if they choose to. They do not allow users to upload photos on their computer as the company wants to leave a heavy focuses on mobile devices. In their statement form a few days ago they claimed that it would take a weeks to roll out, however many including mine have appeared quickly. If you are not using Instgaram we recommend you try it out, especially if you are into Facebook or Twitter. The iPhone app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store here.

If you want to get a look at what web profiles look like, or want to follow me for behind the scenes photos than feel free to with the link below. You can also follow me on the app by searching “A3r1an”.

My Instagram Web Profile