3 years, 8 months ago

Along with the announcement of the new iPad today, Apple released the next big update for iOS, version 5.1. This update is available for free via OTA updates, by going to Settings>General>Software Update, or by downloading it from the links below.

NOTE: There is no current jailbreak that works on this firmware, and while one may be coming soon there is no telling how long it could take. Back up your SHSH blobs and update at your own risk



iPad 3 (wifi): 5.1

iPad 3 (3G): 5.1

iPad 3 (4G): 5.1

iPad 2: 5.1

iPad 2 (GSM): 5.1


iPad 2 (CDMA): 5.1

iPad 1: 5.1



iPhone 4S: 5.1

iPhone 4 (GSM): 5.1

iPhone 4 (CDMA): 5.1

iPhone 3GS: 5.1


iPod Touch

iPod touch 4G: 5.1

iPod touch 3G: 5.1



Just click on one of the 5.1 links above to download it directly from Apple’s servers. You can then use it to update or restore your device once it’s downloaded.



  • tharakaisbeast

    you stuffed my ipod up now i cant even use it 

    • MarshalDylanBeard

      @tharakaisbeast well then that’s your fault for being so mentally retarded that you can’t even jailbreak an iPod. I don’t even know how stupid you have to be to screw your iPod up following the most simple and straight forward directions. and then you blame it on me. wow. il say it again, to everyone, add me on Facebook. marshal dylan beard. il tell you step by step how to do it, because apperently some don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend that huge paragraph. as for you, restore your iPod and you will be fine. I will still help you if you add me on facebook. it’s really easy and I jailbreak iPods all the time in under 2 minutes. you will be like that too once you figure out how to do it. and if you ever screw up just restore it in iTunes, you will be fine.

  • WarriorSon

    Wow, are the people who are commenting here really this stupid?  How about you do some research via Google before you jailbreak your device.  Figure out what you have and what you need to accomplish your goal.  Also figure out what all the acronyms mean that you keep asking about.  Figure out what OS versions have jailbreaks available and what ones don’t.  Do a little investigating before you just download the first thing that you see that has a ‘download here’ link on it.  I mean HELLOOOOOO!!!  I love my jailbroke devices and I think the risks are worth it, but you’re about to hack your iDevice, which has the potential to brick it, and you’re not gonna do any research on your own?  Stupid.

    • MarshalDylanBeard

       @WarriorSon thank you sir, very well said. these kiddies have no idea what jailbreak even is. they don’t even know what “hacking” is. truth is, if you are too lazy to read about the risks, and learn about jail-breaking etc etc, don’t do it. most the people here are so technologically retarded they don’t even know how to download and extract redsnow, nor do they even know what extracting is. and they want to hack a 200-400$ iDevice. be good with computers before you f**k around with them.

  • iPod4G

    Cant Download iPod 4G Jailbreak :/Someone HELP ME!!! 

  • iPod4G

    Cant Download iPod 4G Jailbreak :/Someone HELP ME!!! 

  • iPod4G

    Cant Download iPod 4G Jailbreak :/Someone HELP ME!!! 

  • iPod4G

    Cant Download iPod 4G Jailbreak :/Someone HELP ME!!!