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Over the last few weeks we have been bombarded with people asking when the iOS 6 jailbreak will work for the new devices including the iPhone 5, 4s, iPod Touch 5G, and iPad 3 and 2. While there is no way to tell you a specific date we will try to convey answer to question to the greatest extent.

Current iOS 6 Jailbreak Guide (A4 Only)

tl;dr There is no set date for the new iOS 6 jailbreak, there are no working untethered iOS 6 jailbreaks as of now, and we will report on one as soon it is developed.

Quick FAQ

– Why does the current jailbreak only work for the iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch?

The current jailbreak uses an unpatchable exploit discovered years ago that does not exist in the new devices.

– Can I help with the jailbreak?

Jailbreak exploits have grown to be extremely complex, developers like Pod2G stated that the user submitted crash logs and donations are not needed.

– Is this random url I have a working iOS 6 untethered jailbreak

NO! We have dedicated a good portion of our life to jailbreaking and will have a tutorial up within minutes of any legitimate jailbreak.  If there is one we will have reported on it end of story. Never pay for a jailbreak or download files from sketchy download sites.

– What is an A4 device

iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, and iPhone 3GS


The last major hint we got was from the most skilled developers was at the Hack In The Box Conference last week where  @pod2G, @MuscleNerd and @PlanetBeing  were live on a panel relating to iOS security. If you  recall from our interview with Pod2G he stated that he would be networking with others and planning a team to work further on the iOS 6 jailbreak. MuscleNerd is the main developer behind redsn0w, a jailbreaking tool that has been update to work on every firmware version practically since the start of time. PlanetBeing has worked with them both in the past and is known for his Android port that worked a long time ago on the iPhone 3G.

One of the main things to take away from this talk is the fact that full on development was hard to start before the public version was released and that Apple will probably release a new small update by the time the jailbreak is ready. This means that 6.0.1 or 6.1 may be the first a5+ jailbreak that we see

You can view the full stream recording here.

Similar information was conveyed at the Jailbreakcon 2012 by Pod2G. A few weeks ago, he stated that they are in the early stages of the jailbreak and that it could take any time from one week to many months to complete the process.

Watch Pod2G’s presentation at JailbreakCon


Have any questions that were not covered? Leave a comment or send us a tweet to @iPodUplink and we will try to answer it to the best of our ability.

  • manpiss

    this is taking forever!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blasguitars Blas Roche Garcia

    Please at least try to make a program for you can downgrade for a5 devices from Ios6 to IOS 5.1.1 And ill pay whatever for a new jailbrake for IOS 6.1

  • http://www.facebook.com/akke.korkiakangas Akke Korkiakangas

    When does jailbreak 6.0.1 for iphone 4S come??

  • John

    When will this jailbreak be released ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/omar.fathy.332 Omar Fathy

    OsI am still working on is 5 because of the jailbreak please hurry up

  • techno_chrat

    The efforts the Dev Team put into this is highly appreciated also thanks to Jailbreaknation Community for gathering all the data available on idevices and putting it here..hope the jb scene moves on the same pace and we a get an untethered jb soon

  • Tstation

    I have grown weary off waiting for a FREE jailbreak . I have benefited from these bright individuals, breaking the cage on all the devices I love to use. However as each successive iOS is released it takes longer and longer. Why? Hmm I don’t know, Apple has gone from a large tech niche company to the largest market Capp company on the planet, with an army of high paid well trained dev trying to keep the users of these great devices tethered to their content tit iTunes, iCloud , yikes there’s more to life than iTunes. As we have all seen through Cydia. They have an army of coders and engineers working overtime, what do we have ? A bunch of very bright overworked techies with real jobs in the day. As they get older this hobby will become less important, jobs family will rightfully take precedence, and with each successive release take up more and more of the only real resource the have TIME !!!!! Apple on the other hand with billions at stake have endless resources to throw at the buyers of there products. To keep them locked into the Apple infrastructure .

    There are several solutions

    Lol there is a loud hush for those of you still reading, blood is boiling.and there is a guy who’s eyes are actually bulging out of his head. Well that’s one way. But the truth is NOBODY MAKES HARDWARE LIKE APPLE. It feels great and it just works. its like driving a Porsche then driving something else, feels nice but just not the same.

    2. STAY LOCKED INTO THE APPLE ECOSYSTEM. this is soon becoming a reality it is a certainty. Ask those souls who bought the less popular Apple TV. This is unacceptable, staying locked to the apple ecosystem is like driving that same Porsche, with a fifty mile an hour governor, looks good but can’t outrun a VW. With the governor off we could smoke all comers in first gear.

    we pay ridiculous money for our apple hardware. We even have stupid pet names for it
    Like” Apple Tax”. Yet we expect these guys to spend hundreds of hours jail breaking our devices for free. If your boss said I want you to spend your free time working on this project, for free it’s going to take months, and I am going to give you a addaboy when you are done, we would almost to a man say f**k you and the horse you rode in on.

    If we paid just ten bucks per jailbreak. These guys would be sitting on a multimillion dollar business. And could do this full time. I for one would not begrudge them my 10 or 20 bucks.. I would put my faith in a few of these guys devoting full time getting me what I want, over apples billions. So what my devices would now cost a fraction more.

    Apple ipad mini. $329.00
    Apple ipad min jaibroken. $339.00

    iPhone 5. (Off contract) $649.00
    iPhone 5 Jailbroken $659.00


    Ok let the bashing begin

    • mike

      donate to these guys via paypal. i do and appreciate the hard work and efforts.

  • AJ

    still waiting :(((((((((

  • Esteban

    Need jailbreak for ipad 2 IOS 6.0.1!

  • eeeerrg

    I got an email this morning and it said the jailbreak i need is out, but its not on here. :/ what the heck?

  • miscphag

    android > iphone…this just proves it. brb waiting 6 months before i can use my phone how i want

  • Steve

    I have a iPad 3 that is JB with IOS 5.1.1 already how will I be able to JB this to the new verrsion, will I have to back downn IOS firsst somehoww and than put the new version of JB on there iOS 6.1 will there be instruction on how to do the new JB n a device that is already JB Thanks