2 years, 11 months ago

Every once and a while a rumor gets out of hand and requires us to address it, despite us previously stating over and over that no one should believe in a jailbreak until we or someone else they strongly trust gives the go ahead. In this case, DreamJB has gotten way more publicity than it should have, one reason we are not leaving a link to the site.  They claim they have a working jailbreak ready for release on the 22nd of December. They followed that statement up with a promis of a video. There are now multiple ways to make a fake jailbreak look real so I wouldn’t be persuaded off of a video demonstration made by them. On the other hand, we have been producing content every day and are always checking for real jailbreaks made by trusted developers. After three years at the job you can trust that we will have content as soon as any legit source emerges, and quite possibly even before hand.

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  • Brandon Robinson

    I have a question. When you have a tethered jailbreak, and an untethered jailbreak comes out, is there a quick way to sort of update to an untethered jailbreak without resetting your idevice?

    • http://twitter.com/Koby_Jordan Koby Jordan

      Usually there is a patch released on Cydia to turn your tethered JB into an untethered jb

      • http://www.facebook.com/edward.reyesdraper Edward Reyes-Draper

        just to confirm that, yes there should be a cyida package that you download and it will make your device untethered.

        • Brandon Robinson

          I wish I would have known that, since I cleared my device to JB. I should check my email more often.

  • Nick

    The truth is that dreamJB may very well be a fake; however, there is no way to k ow for sure until December 22. Until then, anyone saying that this is real or fake is merely speculating. We all know that jailbreaks are difficult, but it has been accomplished by an individual working alone before ( geohotz limera1n). If this is fake fine but it is not impossible and we will all know soon enough. Why bash this guy until he proves himself either a phony or a hero?

    • migz

      I agree with you

    • Muzammil Ahmed

      you are right there is any possibility

  • David

    Fingers crossed, pretty idiotic way to gain twitter followers if it is fake lmao, there are easier ways like…. ADDING PEOPLE!

  • iPrimal

    You are condemning them without any facts. Instead of saying “it’s probably fake”, you say “it’s definitely fake”. How do you know? Just because Redsn0w and Greenpois0n have ruled jailbreaks up until now, doesn’t mean they always will. Especially since one of their own released a book on jailbreaking. If a programmer got his hands on that book, he/she could easily become a jailbreaker.

    IDK if you live in the u.s., but we have a saying; Innocent until proven guilty.

  • http://twitter.com/_Soyox El hijo de Octaviano

    but why guys?, not only the traditional hacker know/how/can do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edward.reyesdraper Edward Reyes-Draper

    That’s why I wait for you guys to release jailbreak news. Fast and Reliable!

  • Nick

    Well it’s proven to be fake…