2 years, 3 months ago

Today, the fifth installment of iOS 7 was seeded to developers. Coming only eight days after beta four, there is little change in this new update. The time differences in the release of the last few betas is most likely due to the developer center downtime caused by hackers a while back.

The biggest change and easiest thing to notice are the icons on the settings application. The difference can be viewed with the image below thanks to 9To5Mac.



The twitter button under the share option is now different.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.11.41 PM

and all the others can be seen in our video below.

  • banana

    passcode on startup was in beta 4

  • Delano Harris

    ipod touch

  • T.Hollister

    i have a couple popcap games (bookworm and peggle) they did not work in beta 4 and do work in beta 5

  • yabadap

    I hope there’s an option for those who are on 4th gen devices to not update to iOS7 because iOS 7 lags so much on 4th gen devices.

    • Riaz Toorabally

      It’s a BETA.. There is bound to be lag on older devices at the moment.. Wait for the final version then decide..

    • Surculus

      How about….. don’t click the update firmware button?

  • yo

    i love all these posts of everyone breaking the NDA.

    • flashpoint

      Apple does not give a shit anyway.

  • Mega Gonzalez

    Idk i just like beta 4. Icos are better in the settings

  • 4xlight


  • 4xlight

    ipod touch

  • ridzuan desa

    My games and apps cant update. Keep waiting.. Please help..

  • jake1

    iOS 7 jailbreak dev called “u7x jailbreak” is official now!