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Tomorrow will be a very big day for Apple as iOS 7 will be released publicly to every device that supports it. The adoption rate in the past has been huge and fast and since iOS 7 introduces so many new changes there will surly be large controversy. While developers have had months to optimize their applications there is always the chance that services are still not ready for the change.

iOS 7 Will become available approximately

1:00 PM Eastern

12:00 PM Central

11:00 AM Mountain

10:00 AM Pacific

6:00 PM London

9:00 PM Moscow

2:00 AM Tokyo (Next Day)

September 18th 2013

  • iPhone Problem

    Hello. I have downloaded iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s but i can’t activate it :/ When i want to activate it through iTunes it says that erros has occured in iTunes Store and when i try to activate it through iPhone it says that activating server is inaccesible and tells me to try to plug my iPhone to iTunes and activate it but both of them don’t work :<<< Please, help me !

    • iPhone Problem

      Ok Guys no problem i worked for me. If you have same problem, you have to wait.

  • paulf

    update has now become available at 8:15 for both ipad mini and iphone 5

  • mamaguebo

    Oh my god a lot people are getting crazy about iPhone I like to read all comment people get to excited.lol

  • EchelonCS

    Hmmm iOS7 growing on me. Though cant get over the poor home-screen folders. Unlimited apps in there, though only 9 on each page. Feels like apple give you something and take something away from you in return!!!