2 years, 2 months ago

As users get their hands on Apple’s new generation of devices today, they have been prompted to install an update to Apple’s iOS 7, the new version being iOS 7.0.1. This update officially includes minor bug fixes and updates, and has been known to specifically address issues with the iPhone 5s.


Touch ID was one of Apple’s big features for the iPhone 5s, and this update was released at least partially to combat a bug in the fingerprinting system, to do with making purchases from the iTunes store. If you haven’t already gotten you iPhone, be prepared for the update message when you boot up your device for the first time. There has been no word yet about if this release affects the jailbreak scene at all, but stay tuned.

  • R0tten

    Please do let us know if this update is safe to do if jailbreaking later.

  • Dimuker Hadzhikuker

    No love for iPads? :/