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Today, October 23rd, Apple held their second fall press conference. This event took place at the California Theatre, an old setting, but perfect for just a little bit more Apple. To start off, Apple released a MacBook Pro 13-inch with a Retina display. We all saw this coming, and it featured everything the 15-inch model did. The price point for this new 13-inch stud, comes in at $1699.Next, Apple spoke about the iMac and how it was such a success. Next, Apple stunned the crowd. They released a new iMac. No this one did not have Retina capabilities, but it was deemed as the thinnest desktop. From the last iMac, compared to this iMac, it is 80% thinner. It almost looks like a render from leaked images, but this one is real. It was the biggest curve-ball Apple threw at the entire event. Prices for the 21.5-inch model start at $1299, and for the 27-inch model, $1799. The 21.5-inch ships in November, and the 27-inch ships in December. Following the remarkable curve-ball was an update the the previous 3rd generation iPad. Now deemed at the 4th generation, not to get confused with the iPad Mini, it has a substantial amount of upgrades. For starters, it features the latest processor, the A6x. This will produce 2x more graphics, and processing power whilst doing everyday tasks. Next, it features Apple’s Lightning connector, which they feel needs a demo in every new device. Prices for the iPad 4th Generation start at the standard $499 for 16GB, and then increasing a $100 up to 64GB. Now there’s a 4G LTE model running on AT&T, Verizon, and the new edition of Sprint. For the Cellular model, it starts at $629 and obviously increases. Finally, the most anticipated rumor of them all, the iPad Mini. We all suspected that this would come to life, via the rumors, and leaked images buzzing about. The iPad Mini was compared to a Nexus 7, Google’s flagship tablet, and gave the audience a good look at how far ahead Apple was with this mini device. It features a 7.9-inch screen, a resolution of 1024 by 768, the iPad 2’s resolution, and starts at $329 for the 16GB model. Now, the big kicker here was if it would have 4G LTE or not. Indeed it does and is on many carriers, but in the U.S. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Prices for the Cellular model start at $529. In terms of extras, Apple released a Lightning port on the iPad Mini, a Lightning to SD connector, and a mini smart cover for the iPad Mini. Overall, this event simply blew us all away with some things anticipated, and somethings that we would never expect. Be sure to stay tuned for hands-on coverage of all these!

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