4 years, 1 month ago

After getting the new iPhone 4s it is evident that the 3G speeds on it are quite a bit faster than the iPhone 4 and combined with the new processing power results in an immensely improved web browsing experience. Apple claims that the device can download at the high rates of 14 megabits per second close to what many people can 4G speeds. The 14 megabits is a max number and will not be anything close to the speed you will get most places around the world, however, the iPhone 4S does have an increase on the 4. One thing that I didn’t expect however was the range of the service. I was using both an iPhone 4S and 4 on AT&T today. Driving down a road in the mountains and leaving a city the connection was lost much faster on the iPhone 4 and the 4S service that lasted for as long as 5-10 miles further than the older generation. The antenna on the device is a big improvement and if you live on the border of service for your carrier you may just be in luck.