3 years, 5 months ago

Recently, more leaks have come up showing off components of the next generation iPhone. The leak matches up perfectly to 9To5Mac’s images that were published last week. The video above shows the backing of the phone and compares it to the current model. Since it is unlikely that the iPhone will be released any time soon, Apple could easily change the design by then. It has been almost 2 years since the design was changed in 2010 making it very plausible that the next generation iPhone will be far different than the 4S.

  • BrettGeorgeWood

    Is there a chance that the back could be to allow wireless charging (like putting it on a charging pad?)

    • Griffin505

      @BrettGeorgeWood That would be cool ….

    • Reis1486

      @BrettGeorgeWood That’s a killer observation. I would love to see something like that especially if it helps the potential problem of having to carry multiple chargers (30 Pin, Micro USB). Even if it does come at the cost of companies like Powermat and the Duracell products. Nice catch.

  • Aiduoska

    Fake apple are not going to change the USB becouse all apple devices must have the same port,,

    • BrianBriBriJaqua

       @Aiduoska  it doesnt matter. they can chage the size all they want. 

    • Griffin505

      @Aiduoska But you forget about the verry firs iPods , they had a thunderbolt cable instead of the 30 pin dock connector ….. So it is possible that they will change the cables …

    • xToxicTacox

       @Aiduoska not true, they already said they were looking in to changing the dock connector and im pretty sure they said they finally came up with the design they wanted. plus what about the 3rd gen shuffle? it charged through a special audio jack

      • Griffin505

        @xToxicTacox EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!

  • SJR

    Unless the next iphone is better than the S3, then I wont be buying it. They need to match it or better it for me to buy it.

  • BrettGeorgeWood

    There’s talk of a “standarized charging port” due to environmental reasons, where all cellular devices will need to use the choosen (Micro USB) format. It happened in Europe (it passed back in ’09) and will probably take place worldwide. Apple was one of the 90% of manufacturers that agreed to the standardization.
    I’m not saying it’s GOING to happen, but it is likely that it could start coming into effect across all manufacturers soon.

  • t_erken

    IF there’s a new iPhone IT WON’T BE NAMED IPHONE 5 YOU DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!!!! 
    iPhone —> 1. Gen.
    iPhone 3G —> 2. Gen.
    iPhone 3GS —> 3. Gen.
    !! iPhone 4 —> 4.Gen.!!
    !!!!!!!!!iPhone 4S —> 5. Gen.!!!!!!!!!!!
    ?????iPhone 5 —> 6. Gen.????? THAT WOULD BE BULLSHITT!!!!!!
    It must (wiil) be named iPhone 6!!!!!!!! Or JUST iPhone or ( like the NEW iPad), the NEW iPhone!!! 
    God Dammit!

    • BrettGeorgeWood

       @t_erken Your making the assumption that Apple factors in a thing called “Logic”… silly boy

  • andrew9749

    em is it me or is there no headphone port? so this clearly cant be real?

  • AntonSiedlecki

    Its called The New iPhone not iPhone 5, or can be referred as iPhone 6 as for IOS6 coming out already in beta development but will be marketed as the new iPhone. Launch is 3rd week of october 2012 roughly on par with other releases

  • SeanBenson1

    how does one obtain parts to this “AirPhone” before its released and say “I think…” the entire time? 

    • BrettGeorgeWood

       @SeanBenson1 It’s only a beta model, or test model, it’s very likely change could happen, most products aren’t made first in their final state

  • JakobAltunkaynak

    he do say the ‘airphone

    • Griffin505

      @JakobAltunkaynak not to be rude but he is Chinese so all the words he said are a little off …. So he may say air phone , but mean iPhone