3 years, 2 months ago

The iPhone 5 was available for pick-up today in local carriers as well as Apple Stores. In this video, we show you the first boot-up of the magical iPhone. Of all companies, Apple’s product boots-up the quickest for it’s first time of being turned on. In sum, the iPhone 5 has blown me away with all the features it has. Some of them are the 4-inch screen, LTE, and the sexiness of the black model. Stay tuned for more videos regarding the iPhone 5!

  • dtlawrance

    nice video!

  • christina112872

    Loving the iPhone 5! Wish I had one too!

  • Ricofizz

    I’m loving it but it’s missing the ‘revolutionary’ part when the first iphone came out. I’mma skip this generation and see what comes next :)

  • JasonWilly

    Screw the iphone 5. I’m skipping this one and getting a Samsung Galaxy III

  • OuttaControl

    I want my pre-ordered iphone 5, but it’s back-ordered.  Sigh

  • JBpro4u

    I think this is faster than other iPhones..
    I like iPhone 5 & waiting to get.

  • jamil3675

    me too going to skip this generation becuz i think its just shit !!