2 years, 11 months ago

The iPhone 5 is great, however, its biggest downside has got to be the lack of modifications, with no jailbreak for iOS 6 I feel torn between the better hardware on my new phone and better software on my older one. After checking out BGR’s review of the AnoStyle I figured I would have to get one for my 5th generation to save it from its lack of uniqueness. Their servies allows you to change the color of your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. This may not be as great as a jailbreak, but it sure does add a level of customization. This post is not meant to act as a review as I still havent sent my phone in to be changed, instead I wanted to ask our audience what color they most want to see live in video on our channel, and here on the blog. My phone is black so keep that in mind and leave a comment what you think. Color Options.

If you can’t wait for the review you can order here, keep in mind that they are quite expensive at around $250.


  • kline1

    Apple should do this next year with the iphone they already do it with the ipod, cause if they are sticking with the stupid S upgrades wich i think its giving Google a great advantage in creating nicer phones, if the iphone 5s is gonna look the same at least make it in colors.

  • Jacob

    is you’re family rich?

    • Juan

      No its called earning money. From the videos he works hard to make.

  • NoSprint4g

    Wow Only $250? I’m glad the economy is at 100%

  • Timdtoolman

    All three colors shown are very cool looking but how much does it cost to get this new back housing done? Can you order the case and install it yourself?

  • Timdtoolman

    $250!!!!!! You have got to be kidding right? That is a little steep I think.

  • Jack

    I never thought changing the body color of the iPhone was appealing. $250 what a rip off.

  • just sayin

    if apple is going to do this to their phones, im not going to buy anything else of them ever again. apple used to be not for kids and gaming, but for business.