3 years ago

Apple’s iPhone 5 was released a few months ago, and already it’s getting some hot competition out on the market. Google has just releeased their new Nexus phone, the Nexus 4, and with it’s $299 unlocked price point comes quite a lot of interest. I decided to take a more in depth look at how the Nexus 4 stacks up against the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is purely a specification based overview, and you’ll have to wait until I have the Nexus 4 in my hand until I can bring you a full on review and comparison.

The Nexus 4 definitely looks like an interesting device, especially as Google seem to be pricing it very competitively. It remains to be seen if it even is a decent competitor to the iPhone considering the iPhone costs almost double the unlocked price.

The iPhone 5’s specifications may be lesser compared to the Nexus 4 and the S3, however if we’ve learnt anything from Android is that it takes more power to run than iOS does – so it’s clear the iPhone 5 still doesn’t present a slow user experience. Let me know in comments if you’re interested in the Nexus 4, or are you strictly an iGuy?

  • king

    I’ve been an iPhone user for many years but this year I decided on the Samsung galaxy. Lte and I can confirm I was more than impressed with this phone. So much faster than the iPhone and no more crashes. I also had the iPad 3 but decided to get the note 10.1 and again also much better. In my view apple have more been overtaken

    • CaptYadier

      Faster how? On what do you base your assumptions? All the tests point out that iphone’s browsing and app expirience is faster.

      • iPrimal

        Whether or not the Galaxy S3 is running Jelly Bean counts for a lot when comparing.

      • Jordan

        I don’t know where you get your information.

  • Jordan

    I personally love my S3. And one of my friends got the nexus he says it amazing. He used to have an Iphone.

    • iGuy

      Anything new to someone tends to be amazing. From android to iOS was amazing for me. However the luster wears off. I love android but iOS is simply more polished and reliable. Using the iPhone 5 I have come to the conclusion that it is the best phone ever made when comparing every aspect. Yes, it lacks features but in time those will come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001192141522 Gregory Cannon

    I really want the Nexus 4 but the 16GB max is a dealbreaker.

  • Paul

    I have used both phones, Iphone 5 & Galaxy S3. Iphone 5 build quality is superb, Galaxy S3 build quality is cheap & flimsy. You can twist Galaxy S3 body, but Iphone is solid. Iphone is for business oriented, Galaxy S3 is for kids, they like big screen for games and movies. High end luxury cars are natively compatible with Iphone. This is just simple comparison really. Nothing to brag out, both are just phones. I personally chose Iphone 5 (first time Iphone user).

  • sahir

    no one is better than apple iphone

  • http://www.facebook.com/touayang11 Toua Yang

    Nexus 4 FTW! I use iOS at work (iPhone and iPad). Since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android has really taken a step in the right direction. My only experience with Android has been with the Nexus devices and they are wonderful. I don’t even want to try non Nexus devices because I hear horror stories about them.

    My iPad at home has been replaced with a Nexus 7. My GNex has just been replaced with a Nexus 4. IMO, iOS doesn’t even come close. Android is too rich in features and it will only get better. iOS on the other hand, is ripping off all of Android’s features which tells me that Apple was never innovative to start with and is just good at buying patents. You can argue that iOS has better apps, which it does, but that’s about the only thing I think it has over Android. The thing I hate most about iOS is the Settings screen. Why does every app have to be configured in the Settings screen. It’s so inconvenient. Configuring iPhones are pain when you constantly have to go to the settings screen to make a change, then double tap the home button to end your app, then restart your app. Also not digging that every app puts their back button in a different location.

    The iPhone 5 is probably the best built phone I have ever seen. The build is super solid and I wish more companies would pay more attention to detail like Apple.