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After obtaining the gold iPhone 5S earlier this week, we got a hold of one of the prototype backs for the other new iPhone 5S color, the silver/graphite version. To get the full picture of these new devices, we wanted to see how this other version would stack up against its companion in durability. Here you can see the iPhone 5S Graphite subjected to a series of increasingly harsh scratch tests in order to see just how much damage the casing can withstand.

The graphite model ended up with similar results to the white iPhone 5 and champagne iPhone 5S. Both the coin and the key left very little if no marks whatsoever. When it came to the knife the graphite model did show damage but almost any phone would have. With these results we are happy to say that the new colors of the iPhone 5S will most likely not show any problems like that of scuffgate last year.

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