2 years, 10 months ago

As we get closer and closer to the release of the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone, rumors about possible features are becoming more and more common. This newest rumor from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Cho Kuo seems as though it could be right out of a science fiction film.

Kuo suggests that the next iPhone, possibly the 5S or 6, will feature a fingerprint scanner as a form of identity validation. While this does seem extremely far fetched, Kuo has been spot on about some past Apple predictions in the past, so it is tempting to believe him. Additionally, in a much more believable realm, Kuo that Apple will finally release the iPhone in a multitude of colors, as they did with the iPod Touch.

Both of these are features that Apple fans have been hoping for (or fantasizing about) for quite a while now, so they could make the new iPhone even more ridiculously successful than its predecessors. Stay tuned for news on expected announcement dates for this new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6

  • Khalid


  • Sim1

    Samsung did this over 7 years ago, although only available in Japan. Why then does it seem so far fetched?

  • Hime

    You know what I just noticed, Apple focuses more on design than performance. This is true for all of their devices. The only thing that has changed for the iPhone in the past four years is its design. Technology wise, Apple is far behind.

    • odedo1

      I totally agree with Hime, its time for Apple to stop wasting time in curts and start inventing, changing size or looks is no inventions, colors is for kids, the finger print thing is an invention that can go far not just to unlock but also with banks and who knows what else? but there can also be a down side to it in the form of big brother, one thing for sure Apple go to work the compatiton is catching up really fast and its seems like You guys are blind!

  • Mandr68

    Both would be great!

  • http://twitter.com/SteFFSupreme Monc’

    highly unlikely

  • fuckinlarry

    steve jobs is dead, so the ideas wouldn’t be as… impacting. stick to whatever you’re happy with. the fingerprint scanner will send your fingerprint information to a collective machine, so authority can find people in a snap of a finger.