2 years, 10 months ago

The iPhone 5S has been news ever since the iPhone 5 was released. Rumors are stating that it could be a smaller iPhone 5, a sub-specced iPhone 5, and everything in between. The media can expect this considering it isn’t “iPhone Season” yet, and rumors are all over the board. In todays report, Jefferies Peter Misek reports that Apple has started to reduced the amount of iPhone 5s being made due to the demand not being high. The number went from an estimated 48 million to an actual number of 44 million iPhone 5s in demand. While the iPad mini is selling like gangbusters, Apple’s typical flagship device isn’t. Misek is reporting that the iPhone 5S, whatever it might be, will go into production in March, and will be launched in the June/July time frame. Clearly, rumors are flying all over the place, but Mr. Misek’s do not seem to far fetched as the fruity company currently has an iPad mini which is a sub-iPad 4. The good news that is present with Jefferies Peter Misek, is Apple might start unveiling the iPhone at WWDC, and potentially give them away at the conference. Stay tuned for more iPhone 5S Coverage!

  • Bum

    I don’t like that kid and his videos

  • Ryan

    its doubtful although i really think that apple is missing innovation, i mean i understand they are trying to get more people to buy their products , but then come on iphone 5 was released less than 4 months ago and now the 5s is coming into production? in about2 months? im sure im not the only one here that finds this bizarre to believe. and the same problem i see its tht i just dont think apple will release a next generation iphone in less than a year, so sadly i will thikn that its going to be most likely a sub division of the ihpone 5 at a lower price more suitbale for people

  • Danny

    Apple will not release something which has reduced specs why would they? If they was to release a budget device they would bring out 2 different models

  • http://twitter.com/santo80s santo

    whos thats boy?

  • Other Barry

    Just curious, do you get paid by Apple to report shitty news?

  • Cliffrunner

    Apple will not release a version that steps down from their previous product. If you want a “sub-iPhone” then buy the reduced-price iPhone 4 or 4S, duh

  • timdtoolman

    I don’t think Apple will be dumb enough to go a step back,that would be retarded,literally.

  • Ryan

    Dude your eye brows