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The iPhone brand has always been popular amongst consumers as it features hipness, a simplistic look, and an ever-so-easy user interface. Since 2007 it appears that the iPhone brand has hit its peak, and is traveling in the downward motion. The lack of innovation from my perspective, and just the same old features within iOS with a few more bells and whistles bores me. Other companies are releasing phones with exclusive features such as Nokia’s PureView rocking an insane camera, or the Samsung Galaxy Note II’s 5.5-inch display. It is apparent that Apple needs to start innovating, or the customer base will start to transition.

Reports are speculating that the next generation iPhone 5S will feature the iPhone 5 unibody while the iPhone 6 will also be released in conjunction with the iPhone 5S. The main feature that the iPhone 6 will tout is a 5-inch display. Granted this is a massive jump, but it seems like all thriving devices feature a 5-inch display. Another option would be to add a 1080p display, how ever the Retina feature would correlate to that. This is quite exciting and with rumors like this could help re-kickstart Apple’s innovating quality.

  • Grammar Nazi

    Someone needs to revise these articles before you publish them. You can see some grammar mistakes.

  • DaniPoo

    This is just funny reading Lol.
    So making a really good camera or a larger screen is innovation in the phone business!?
    To me it seems like that the one and only thing that everyone has been doing for the past few years. and in my opinion I dont want any larges screen for a phone cause I usually operate my phone with just one hand on the go and its easier without dropping the phone if the phone is smaller.
    Innovation to me is bringing something completely new but also suprisingly usefull to the table. And I feel like Apple is doing pretty good at that area. But most of the magic is software based.

  • KennyB

    Maybe apple sales are droping because they release a new phone every other month(over exaggerating to make a point). Who wants to spend all that money and enter into a ridiculous contract only for their phone to be outdated a month later when a new one is released.

    • Cliffrunner88

      samsung releases more phones than apple does…

    • http://twitter.com/ZombieUrkel Zombie Steve Urkel

      Please tell me of a company that makes phones that does not release a new one every year?

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  • Jeb

    If Apple made the next iPhone with a screen > 4.5″, I would consider it. Otherwise, Android again. 4″ screen is just lame now.

  • Yusuf Celenli

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