We just finished our second giveaway of unlocks for AT&T iPhones, so as promised, we’re starting another one right away. In case you’ve forgotten, here is our post and video showing you how this unlock works. Normally, this is a paid service, since it doesn’t just involve flashing the baseband on your device, but we’re going to pick another 10 people to receive a free IMEI unlock.

Be sure to check out our tutorial.

The steps to enter are:

1. Follow us on Twitter (if you don’t have one sign up)

2. Tweet out the text below by clicking the link

“Free Permanent Factory iPhone Unlock Thanks To @iPodUplink – http://www.jailbreaknation.com/iphone-unlock-giveaway-3″

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3. Check your messages in a week and see if you won.

  • Tenzing

    From Spain <3

  • http://ykyboom.tumblr.com/ Kee Yen

    hi, I can unlock AT&T iphones for only $12. contact me on twitter @keeyenyeo or email me: keeyen.unlocks@gmail.com
    thank you so much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saadkhangul Saad Khan

    @keeyen:disqus what about iphone4s uk 3 unlock ?

  • yowy777

    This is kool, i don’t have the money to unlock and i have been locked since may :( this is a great oportunity!!