3 years, 2 months ago


Apple just revealed the 5th generation iPod Touch. The new device will have a new 4 inch display matching the new phone. Additionally, the device will have an a5 processing chip. The device will be thinner and lighter, with a similar size to the iPod Nano. The device will have a larger battery life. The device will come in colors other than black and white. The device will come with an armband called the loop.


  • GregoryCannon

    Ew… that back is disgusting.

    • jayveebishie

       @GregoryCannon the black thing on the right corner

  • KalebDumas

    wish I knew a bit more about that

  • goodhdclips

    :D awesome

  • goodhdclips

    gonna buy one when they are out

  • goodhdclips

    awesome :D gonna buy one if they are out

  • Xpois0n
  • Xpois0n

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