3 years, 9 months ago

In the past we have seen many Cydia alternatives such as Rock, Icy, Installer. None have lasted as long as Cydia, as it prevailed as the main installer for majority of the lifetime of jailbreaking. A new installer iTweakStore hopes to change that. Coming soon it will offer an new place to install and browse tweaks for any jailbroken device. Most likely it will meet its fate within months of release, but nothing for certain. Personally, I liked rock more than Cydia and was mad that it was bought out. For people feeling the same way this might be a new hope. Not much is known now, other than the preview on their webpage.


On their twitter they claim that it will be out within the next couple on months.

  • CTv5

    Considering that installer came first, I would hardly view it as a cydia alternative. For a while, cydia was the installer alternative.

    • gomezm100

       @CTv5 MInecraft

  • WifiRob

    I think if enough people let saurik  about how the Rock UI was way better he might take the time to make something with an attractive UI. I loved Rock and I feel because there is no competition that Cydia has not had to improve its UI. I think if this new iTweakstore is any good it will force Cydia to create a better UI.