3 years, 8 months ago

Today iOS 5.1 was released to the public. The new software contains a few changes such as a 4G icon to replace the old 3G icon on iPhones, and a new way to open the camera app from the homescreen. The problem with the new software is that it does not work with the current jailbreak. Due to the way the jailbreak is constructed it will take a long time to update it to work on a new software. We have no idea when the next jailbreak will be out, but if you would like to be updated when we get more info you can always follow or like us.


  • OmarElkhiraoui

    what is the new you way to open camera

    • GeorgeMoraitis

       @OmarElkhiraoui i think by holding the home button…

      • Billanboy

        @GeorgeMoraitis @OmarElkhiraoui no it’s to simply swipe the hole Lockscreen up ^