3 years, 8 months ago

For those who may be wondering, iOS 5.1 can only be jailbroken on the older a4 devices. In addition to the device limitation, the jailbreak is semi untethered meaning that users will need to boot tethered when their device shuts down. These limitations are caused by the fact that Apple patches exploits used in previous versions of iOS.

This being said, anyone that updated to 5.1 or is on it for any reason on their iPhone 4S or iPad 2 may be in luck. Pod2G tweeted that he is currently looking for vulnerabilities in 5.1. If you don’t know Pod2G is the one behind the previous jailbreak exploits. On the other hand the last jailbreak took months to make, and burned all the previously discovered exploits. While it will be inconvenient there may be in fact an all inclusive untethered jailbreak on 5.1. As for the new third generation iPad nobody knows whats in store. Although it is improbable, we hope the new device will be cracked soon after its release.

  • twojstary2

    HOW CAN I UNLOCK SIMCARD IN iPhone 4 5.1  :( :( please help :( :(   baranto@op.pl or tweet twojstary2 

    • MarkMufcHewick

       @twojstary2  twojstary2 u cant until ultrasnow 1.2.6 is released

    • YarinSuissa

      @twojstary2 you could always Semi-Tether you iPhone.
      That’s what tethered and Semi -Tethered are made for :)

  • MrsScruffylawdog

    Is there any tweak that will show the 4g in the status bar for my iPhone 4s? I don’t want to upgrade yet.

  • ZacAwadallah

    its a winter board theme called 4G

    • MrsScruffylawdog

      @ZacAwadallah I tried that it doesn’t change it. I selected it in winter board and still won’t work.

  • BrandonPiening

    actually its gevey sim to unlock, google it

  • ZeldasLink

    Yea! Go pod2g! Keep up the good work!

  • Jonathan248

    Take your time man

  • http://unlockeveryiphone.com/amember/go.php?r=1034&i=l0 bwhite77
  • wuwangxing

    take it easy, we are count on you.. we’ll wait, thanks buddy.. :)

  • marystac1