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If you’ve ever lost an important key or accidentally locked yourself out of your house, then you know what a pain it can be to get a mold of the key in order to replace it or get in to your house. If you call a locksmith it can cost several hundred dollars, and it is a huge hassle to have someone come all the way out to your house.

KeyMe is a new app from an existing service that allows you to store your physical keys and protect them from loss, and pay a small fee if you ever need to access them. The company has been opening physical locations at gas stations around New York City, and this new app provides a digital portal to the service. From TechCrunch:

“Using the app, you place your key on a white piece of paper and take two scans, of its front and back. The app then translates that into two pieces of information: the key type and a series of numbers that serves as the depth cutting instructions for any locksmith… You walk in and pull up a screen on your phone which is the instructions. It has your key type and that series of numbers, which is common locksmith language. Without any pre-context they’ll be able to use their hardware and make your key. ”

Access to a saved key will only cost $9.99, a bargain when compared to the cost of calling a locksmith. If you have a lot of keys on your keyring that you are worried about losing, you should check out KeyMe on the App Store.

  • Dan

    Totally stupid you have to pay to access it, otherwise this would be awesome

  • thief

    what a great tool for a thief !

  • thief