2 years, 6 months ago

The Keyprop is a Kickstarter Project that wants to make a stand more elegant, and simpler to use. The Keyprop features a key-like design with a hole at the top to connect to your keyring, and then a Lightning port followed by a 3.5mm jack. There are two ways to connect this elegant product to your phone, this will achieve two angles whilst propped up. The Lightning port is for more of a movie-mode, and the 3.5mm jack is more messaging based. Both ports will keep your phone propped up at an easy-to-access angle, and are pleasant to look at.

The design of Keyprop is solid. The construction feels great, and it does not feel flimsy at all. For only $15, you can get your own Keyprop. Hurry fast as the Kickstarter is close to ending!

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    Really?? Stupid!