3 years, 3 months ago

Images have been in constant stir of the next new iPhone and what it will have. How about we focus on an important contributor to the Apple experience. The Apple Earbuds. Yes, they are uncomfortable, sound lack luster, and just look unappealing. But, that could all change. A Vietnamese website has leaked a video and image regarding the next pair of Earbuds. Now, the first video that was uploaded on Sept. 1, was removed which goes to support that this actually might be real. To further support, this Vietnamese website is a solid source for these kinds of leaks. Also, they’ve been known to hit the nail right on the head with each leak they provide. So, on Sept 2., another video surfaced from the same website which gives you a more personal look at the Earbuds themselves. In conclusion, rumors have been swirling around that it is hard to believe any thing these day, but we will have to wait an see for launch day! Be sure to check out the video above for the details on what these Earbuds feature!




  • BradBarlow

    elago e6 …. enough said

  • RaulMartinez

    oddly shaped?