3 years, 6 months ago

We have heard several rumors in the past few days about the size of the next iPhone’s screen size, with WSJ reporting that the new iPhone would have at least a 4 inch screen. Now, leaked iPod Touch parts have come out that suggest the next generation of these devices will have a larger screen as well. MacRumors managed to get their hands on these leaked parts, which show a taller, 4.1 inch screen. Since it is unlikely that Apple would upgrade the iPod touches and not the iPhones, this also speaks strongly to the rumors of a larger iPhone screen.

MacRumors also commented on supposedly leaked flex cable and camera parts, although the authenticity of these parts could not be determined. As the expected release date for the new iPhone gets closer and closer, we will do doubt be seeing more and more leaked parts, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of any updates.

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