2 years, 10 months ago

There will definitely be times when you need extreme protection for your device. Whether you like extreme sports, like to dive, or are generally just a clumsy person – the Lifeproof Case may be the one you’ve been looking for for your shiny new iPhone 5. The Lifeproof ‘fre’ is a totally sealed unit, meaning it touts waterproof protection up to 6 atmospheric pressure, which means you can do things like take photos using your device underwater. Unfortunately, the Lifeproof isn’t yet perfect for every day usage, but if you need waterproof protection, this is a great one to try. My full video review is below:

As I mentioned in my review, nobody has managed to create a fully functional device that can be used underwater in perfect functionality, yet can still be used in every day situations without annoying the user half to death. The lifeproof certainly touts some pretty impressive waterproof functionality, however the in built screen protector just isn’t effective enough for me to reccommend if you plan to rock this daily.

If you need waterproof protection, pick this up. If you don’t, don’t. That’s what it boils down to, as there’s better options for protection than the Lifeproof, that don’t inhibit the phone so much. The case can be picked up on Amazon for around $80, or alternatively you can purchase it from their store.

  • Dpal

    I must disagree. I think the fre is a fantastic everyday case. I happened to have one of the first i5 cases which do have a few minor issues. They have since modified the case to correct those issues and this far, I can’t complain. I was doubtful about the lifeproof hype at first, but now that’s all I will EVER buy.

  • I5user

    Ringer in muffled and out going phone conversations sound like crap. It is water proof

  • Scuba Steve

    I have this case. When I call people when I’m scuba diving they usually can’t hear me to well. But it’s probably because AT&T doesn’t have cellphone towers under water yet.

  • Jordy

    I have this case intact I was one of the first to… When you apply the case you need to make sure you push the phone in enough into the case then you want experience the problems your having with the touch screen… Then screen will then sit more flush!!!

  • Tim

    I have this case and I love it everything works for me now. Isis have a problem getting the end phone call button to work but I got a new case and haven’t had any problems. It feels really good it not too big and I really don’t notice the screen protector I love the fact it copies the home button and feel. The only case I see that does and it water proof not that I’m throwing it in the water but if it falls in I still have a working phone.

  • Cassidy

    My iPhone 5 was ran over twice by a car in the life proof case ! Only damage was a few scratches to the case ! Case was in almost perfect condition and phone doesn’t look like its ever been touched! Love this case!!!