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No matter how well you look after your tech, there will definitely be times where you wish you had protected it properly. The LifeProof case for the iPhone 5 is the exact protection you may need, or at least, it’s shaping up that way for me. It’s rather too bulky for me to use on the daily, but the waterproof function will be really useful for certain people in certain situations. I put together a video demonstration of how well the waterproofing quality of this case performs, so if you’re looking into one of these cases, check this out:

I will be bringing you a full review of the LifeProof case for the iPhone 5, once I’ve had a bit longer to get to grips with it. However it’s shaping up to be a great case for water protection, possibly specialised for people with jobs near oceans. From my brief testing with it, it seems that this case is really only applicable for the aforementioned person, as it impairs the use of the iPhone too much to be used in genera daily activity – at least for me anyway.

This being said, if you’re looking for a waterproof case this is a great one to check out. It can be purchased on Amazon for $79, be sure to click the ‘* New’ button to see all stocked items, as that’s where you’ll snag the best deal.

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