3 years, 10 months ago

There are a bunch of gadgets at CES this year, but one that particularly caught our eye was a new technology called Liquidpel, which is an invisible coating that totally waterproofs your iPhone. You won’t ever have to worry about dropping it in the toilet again!

This service (no, you can’t do it yourself) costs $59 as of now, but if you want to enable it you’ll have to ship out your iPhone so the Liquidpel can be applied. Within just 2 days, however, your device will be back in your hands, and totally waterproof.

While this may seem like a great service, you may also want to take some caution before rushing to get your iPhone coated. The Liquidpel is said to be an internal coating, meaning that your device will almost certainly have to be disassembled, which could possibly void the warranty. So if that is something you are worried about, it would probably be a good idea to hold off on Liquidpel for now.

  • Tryston Brilhante

    Can I get my android liquidpelled? It’s the new HTC One