2 years, 5 months ago


Over the last few weeks we have slacked when it comes to covering jailbreak tweaks. While iOS 7 is around the corner, there are still many people running on 6.1.2 and lower (including me). In this video we covered two of the top jailbreak tweaks to emerge in the last few weeks, both are paid but well worth it.


Livewire Pro [$.99] The tweak does have a free version that gives you one animation but if you liked the free version then go ahead and download the paid copy. Barrels success shows that users love to customize their animations and Livewire does just that to the lockscreen. Pick from Elevator, Fade Out, Zoom and Fade, Shrink and Fade, Rotate 360 and Fade, and whirlpool.


PatternUnlock [$1.99] This tweak adds an android like lockscreen to your device similar to that of AndroidLockXT. PatternUnlock is newer and in my opinion works a little smother. Not only does it allow for customization but it also has five built in themes.

  • taha amer

    Why the Hell you cover your iPhone Apple ??? i bought mine for the Apple………. :D

    • ted

      You bought your phone because it had a picture of an apple on it?, Impulse buy?

      • taha amer

        You never bought things cuz they just look so damn pretty ?!? well that is how the iPhone so much powerful and yet yet so much beautiful you just want to frame it and keep looking at it :D

  • technologyset

    IMEIUnlockPro service is good